RedHat, POSSE, and WMU

During the Fall Semester, my Web Development class at Western Michigan University (WMU) worked with RedHat and POSSE to redesign the existing teachingopensource website.

Using open source approaches, concepts, and technologies, we collaboratively worked with a team of nineteen WMU students over the course of a semester to guide them as they made decisions, chose technologies, and developed the website according to client specifications and input. Students worked within an agile development environment much like they would encounter in the real-world and were encouraged to make their own decisions to meet project expectations.

Students (and the instructor) learned quite a bit about FOSS approaches over the course of a semester. Our project was featured in the latest WMU Haworth College of Business newsletter and may appear elsewhere.

The actual implementation of the recommended site is currently on hold. However, a paper is in the works, so please watch for it. I’ll make sure to provide an update here.

Many thanks to the folks at Red Hat and POSSE for making this happen for our students.

RedHat, POSSE, and WMU

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